we are becoming god

"Figure out who/what you are, don't apologize for it"

intendtoliv3 said: Do you have a set day for the preorders yet? I was hoping one of the kauai shirts had the little black birds flying around like the very first shirt but either way they look great.

There have been some bumps in the road, still working out some technical things with the company printing them but we are trying to come through asap!

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billuminati said: I can respect you not liking young thug, but you gotta admit he's unique. I'll admit his voice sounds bad but that's kinda why I like it. It's unexpected and different. Respect to bino tho

He’s not unique to me what so ever tho. He is just doing the same thing most mainstreamers are doing.  And voice isnt even the problem, i listen to danny brown so that excuse is gone lol. Only thing i can semi like about him is his fashion sense but that’s about it


i took off my nine to five but you still don’t have the time to kiss me, just hit me

Anonymous said: People may not remember Young Thug in ten years but no one remembers Childish Gambino now

Ya you’re right. His latest EP wasn’t number one on all of iTunes for a week and a half.

serranomauricio said: young thug & artist like him won't be here in 10 years.. they'll just be another trend that this decade gave us. it's all about the brand man. one passes as the the other takes over. they don't genuinely like the music either. they like how it's packaged.

*cough* Trinidad James *cough*


17. October 2014

For the annon spam. All I really wanted to get across was to like what you want, listen to who you want, and forever fuck young thug. Cheers.