be you

Figure out who/what you are, don't apologize for it"


Listen to a rough cut of Childish Gambino’s “Sober” from his upcomming STN MTN / KAUAI mixtape. 

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The New Line - Changes Company
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Watch Childish Gambino freestyle on Hot 97

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The New Line - Changes Company
15% off with repcode ‘blvckzoid’

Nate made me do it

3. September 2014

Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. Then tag atleast 10 of your followers

Given to me by sayersroar (go follow him)

Name: Jacob
Nickname: Kirby
Birthday: January 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 6’0
Time Zone: Central Time Zone
Time and Date: 11:04 Sept. 2
Average Hours of Sleep:6
Last thing I googled: Souled out free album stream
Most used phrase: Kid
First word that comes to mind: Time
What I last said to a family member: Happy Birthday
One Place That Makes Me Happy and why: When I’m with my girlfriend, when separate we are just two lost wandering souls but when together we complete each other to form the perfect whole.
How many blankets I sleep under: One in the summer. Two in the winter
Favorite Beverage: Water!
3 things I can’t live without: Phone, Money, People
Something I plan on learning: Clothing
Advice to my followers: In the words of Donald Glover “Figure out who/what you are, dont apologize for it”
Listen to this: Dark Star or One Last Time by Jaymes Taylor
My blog: Becausechildish
IG: Kirbstomp34

10 is too many so ill just name a few

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Souled Out

2. September 2014

Jhene really did her thing on this album. Definitely in my top 5 for the year so far